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in conjunction with our national expansion

Instant home & auto quotes from every major
carrier nationwide. Compare and save.

Driving online traffic to our agencies and affiliate agents.

  • is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Global Group, Inc. to be utilized in conjunction with current and planned agency acquisitions, as well as affiliated agencies.
  • Today, there is growing competition among insurance agents to attract referrals from a limited pool of realtors, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, and auto dealers throughout the US.
  • is a new and proprietary tool developed by Reliance Global Group to tap into the growing number of online shoppers in order to drive traffic to our insurance agents and affiliates.
  • utilizes artificial intelligence and data mining, to provide competitive insurance quotes within 5 minutes, with minimal data input.
  • Live "hot leads" are then immediately transferred to the geographically closest agent and/or affiliates.
  • Reliance Global Group utilizes an attractive revenue share model with its agents/affiliates to create new win-win revenue opportunities.
  • Based on industry research, Reliance is a pioneer in offering its agents and affiliates with live "hot leads."

Reliance’s goal, including its strategic partnership and equity investment in as well as the platform, is to create the largest and most efficient agency/affiliate model in the industry by utilizing best-of-breed technologies to create a digitally empowered and scalable insurance agency model.

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